Varios Illustrations 2020–2021
Selected illustraions made for many medias and clients
–––– Infosys 
illustrations for infosys, about good practice at the home office.​​​​​​​

–––– Total Energies 
Cover illustration and internal illustration for the British energy company Total Energies, the magazine is produced by British publisher White Media​​​​​​​

–––– Boundless Magazine​​​​​​​

–––– SM 
Illustrations for a schoolbook published by SM​​​​​​​

–––– Moça 
Key Visual test illustration for Nestle internal campaign​​​​​​​

–––– GQ 
Illustrations for @gqbrasil, the subject talks about the male search for aesthetic proceedings​​​​​​​

–––– NovaEscola 
Illustrations for a schoolbook published by NovaEscola

–––– SuperInteressante 
Illustrations about telemedicine for Superinteressante magazine​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

–––– Seguros Sura
Series for the setting up of the meeting rooms of the Brazilian subsidiary of @segurossurabr , each illustration represents a country where the company operates.​​​​​​​

–––– SuperInteressante 
 Illustrations for the article about the Boeing 737​​​​​​​
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