​​​​​​​Varios Illustrations 20182019
Selected illustraions made for many medias and clients​​​​​​​
–––– 8D Music
Illustration for article about 8D music written by Fabio Lafa for the site pontoeletronico.me

–––– ASMR
Illustration for article about ASMR written by Fabio Lafa for the site pontoeletronico.me

–––– fitness after 40
Series for GQ Brasil, about reconciling training routine, family and work

–––– PARIS 20
Illustration for cover and promotional material for the book Paris 20,
by Brazilian writer Eduardo Casé

Unpublished illustration for Época Negócios magazine about lauch of the book "Shakti Leadership - The Balance of Feminine and Masculine Power in Business" by writers Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat.

–––– SMARTPHONE, the new cigarette 
Series of illustrations for Superinteressante magazine. The article talks about the harmful effect of overuse of the smartphone.


–––– Paternity and fitness
Illustration for GQ Brasil published in December 2019, about paternity and fitness routine

Illustration for the opening of the "Antimatéria" session, from Galileu magazine. The theme was the construction of the Bingo radio telescope, in the interior of Paraíba in Brazil.

–––– MEGAPTERA​​​​​​​
2019 unpublished illustration, but I was very happy with the final result​​​​​​​

–––– "ESTADÃO MARCA MAIS"​​​​​​​
Illustration for the annual magazine "Marca Mais", this was for the category of the best brands in the sports segment​​​​​​​

llustrations for Voe Gol magazine

–––– INVISIBLE WAR​​​​​​​
Series of illustrations for Superinteressante magazine about invisible war and espionage​​​​​​​

–––– Prospects 2018
Cover illustration for the book about 2018 perspectives of the CDI group.​​​​​​​

Illustration for my friend's craft beer label @douglas_mathias_​​​​​​​

Series of illustrations for Superinteressante magazine about how coffins are transported

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