Varios Illustrations – 2021
Selected illustraions made for many medias and clients

–––– Envisioning
Illustration series for the Tech Detector project created by , the platform offers a strategic and analytical assessment of emerging technologies and their potential relevance to sustainable development.

–––– Novos Motores
Illustration for the New Engines music festival –

–––– CXO
Cover illustration for issue 3 of the British magazine CXO -​​​​​​​

–––– Washington Post
Illustration for @washingtonpost

–––– Which
Illustration series about smart watch for the British magazine Which.​​​​​​​

–––– Mocho 
Series of illustrations on branding and sport for the article section of the @wearemucho de Barcelona studio's website​​​​​​​

–––– Pan Visual
Cover illustration for Secretaria de Cultura de São Paulo magazine​​​​​​​

–––– Voice
Illustration series for the British magazine Voice​​​​​​​

–––– Tempvs
Cover illustration for the album Tempvs by Brazilian rapper @arnaldotifu

–––– VCSA
Illustrations for the cover story of @vocesa magazine​​​​​​​
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